42, Female

Milton,  WA,  United States of America  

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I’m kind of goofy. I love to laugh & I really like trying to make other people laugh. I like reading comic books from smaller creators but I do like some of the more well-known titles also. I’m getting more into hiking. I love the mountains and the ocean. I crochet and like to do crafty things when I have free time. I always have a notebook on me. I’m pretty chill for the most part, but I’m also pretty straight up. I’m really starting to get into Australian football lol. Pretty random but that’s me lol. I've also developed an unhealthy obsession with hockey. I could talk about it all day long.
About Me
BornUnited States of America
LanguagesEnglish (Fluent)
French (Minimal)
Looking forE-Pal (Email or Internet)
Snail Mail Pal (Postal penpal)
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