29, Female

Le Mans,  France  

I'm a bit nerdy as I work as a webmaster, and read webcomics, watch streamings and play video games as hobbies. I'm trying to cut my screen time 'cause, you know, it'd be nice not to go blind by 60... Meh, still a work in progress. I'm super funny, says my cat, or a least I love sharing memes and cat videos. I read and watch stuff in English all the time but I never speak and hardly ever write in English. I would love to find one or a few friends to chat. Please feel free to reach out and introduce your pet, your plant, your Tamagotchi or your pet rock. See ya!
About Me
LanguagesFrench (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
German (Minimal)
Looking forE-Pal (Email or Internet)
Language Learning
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