Lyndia Chen

31, Female

Wuhan,  China  

I moved a lot for past several years. Some for jobs, some for unpredictable events. My life is dynamic and changeable. I’m outgoing and talkative. I love learning people’s thoughts and why they think in that way. I guess this is the reason of choosing psychology as my major. I am trying to work as a therapist in the future. Besides, I love reading. I have a little reading session with three other people every month. We read When Nietzsche Wept this month. By now I host the session in mandarin, and hope I can host in English one day. I also like hiking, biking and taking ballroom dancing class.
About Me
LanguagesMandarin (Fluent)
English (Intermediate)
Looking forE-Pal (Email or Internet)
Language Learning
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